Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kernel version and Application version

You can check the Kernel version and Application version in the Dynamics AX client by clicking Help > About Microsoft Dynamics AX. Usually both numbers will be the same, but this might not be the case in all time.

Kernel version
This is the kernel build number for the Dynamics AX binary executable files. The About form is only showing the kernel version of the currently running instance of AX client (Ax32.exe). To view the server kernel version, you need to check the file property for the Ax32serv.exe. The kernel version will be updated when you perform an AX upgrade or install a service pack, i.e. from AX 2009 RTM to AX 2009 SP1 that affects the binary files, or when you install a hotfix that contains binary patch (patch via msp or dll files).

Application version
This is the version number for the currently installed application. The version number is stored as static text in the class ApplicationVersion::applBuildNo(). The number will be updated when you perform an AX upgrade or install a service pack, or when you install certain hotfix that contains application patch (patch via xpo import).

The post below shows a list of all kernel version and application version from Axapta 2.5 to AX 2009 SP1. You can also use this to verify whether you have installed any service packs or hotfix roll-ups.

Dick has written a sample code to check the kernel version for both client and server:-!E82F2C8CB173C0A0!350.entry


Gulliver said...

Is it Ok for the kernel version and application version to be different? I have been building AX environments for more than 3 years now and this is one of the check lists I inherited. I was told they always have to be the same. Also, recently, I dealt with a case of very slow performance - Activity breakdown display in Projects. Took 2 seconds in Development and 1 hour in Production. DB sizes were not that different. Application code was the exact same but Production had different versions for kernel and application.

张纯璐 said...

Hi, I have a question. In what cases the kernel version will be different from the application version?